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Nov 5

Why haven't you fixed the mirrored mouse yet?


Several of your customers, including me, have reported a bug regarding the mouse being mirrored for windows 7 users. We have yet to recieve any form of response, neither on this forum or in the steam community. Are you working on this bug? Will it ever be fixed? How long will it take?

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  • Enjoying the program however, I am missing the Overlay button. The girls are on top of my icons. Is it possible to choose to have the girls either over or under icons?
  • Dear developers There seems to be an issue with the mouse cursor, which appears to be mirrored. If I want to click on a button at the left, I have to put the cursor on the right screen’s side. The cursor itself remains visual where it should be, if I move to the left, I can see it there. But at the same time the program localizes it at the right side, where it, for example, highlights a button. If I want to, let’s say, choose a costume, I’d have to click somewhere in the emptiness on the left screen’s side, for the clothing menu is on the right. Many users have already responded stating that they are all using Windows 7 when the bug occurs; please see https://steamcommunity.com/app/1128900/discussions/0/1631916406864588875/ for further details. Keep us informed if you need more information from our side and try to fix that bug. Thank you!