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Oct 30

I need some help for what is sure to be right in front of my face. Once u've made the scene, how do you get the scene to play?

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4 hours ago

It really amazes me that the developer makes their own website yet hardly ever posts in it. It is as if they have totally left and moved on from this project. That's fine if you wanted to make a quick buck but as establishing yourself as a serious game developer, you are doing a horrible job with your community here and on Steam. Makes me regret buying the game because I thought it was a good job but if you don't even have the courtesy of updating people what the heck is going on. How do you expect people to care about your future projects?

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  • First of all, this is such an amazing game! Yet, I have encountered a few problems I am currently using Win10 1) If you save the girl, you cannot save her again, it just does not work: does not overwrite the last girl 2) Some clothes does not fit with the skin 3) Please add more hair styles 4) If you rotate the camera for ONE scene, it moves the camera for all the other saved scenes. 5) The MOST IMPORTANT THING: PLEASE REDUCE THE CPU USAGES, currently my laptop goes to 90 Celsius degree when I try to make three girls and dance at the same time. This is the temp when I play Rainbow 6 Siege, which is not right at all! If any developer read this, hope this is helpful for updating! Thank You! GREATEST GAME EVER!
  • Hello Devellopers, Got some ideas for the game, 1. More props for the game like pool table, bar table, jaccuzzie, disco ball, one big platform, chairs, etc. 2. More new outfits like shoes, swimsuis, lingerie, sexy dresses, bras, coconut bra, etc. 3. Also new different kinds of outfits like hot nurses outfits, samba costumes, stripper outfits, cheerleaders, sexy maids, vegas girls outfits, harem outfits and i dream of jeannie types, hula girls with grass skirts and all important coconut bras, hot women warrior outfits like bra armor, cow girls, Bavarian german maids, sailor outfit, you get the point. 4. Different poses that interact with two or more girls, like kissing poses, a girl with her hand out like shes caressing another girl like face, hair, or caressing a boob or both boobs of another woman, etc. 5. You can rotate an object or girl individually 360 like you only currently can for the entire scene. Thats my two scents. When is your next update for the game? Cheers
  • icetornado1
    Oct 21

    Having hours of fun with the game. Suggestions I have for the game: -More choices for hair, furniture, props, outfits, dancing moves, poses, and stuff -several different leather outfits for the girls including ones that reveals their boobs to covering them -when you create a model you have a feature to clone the same model as much as you want instantly -something to highlight a girl or object when you click their image on the bottom which can be tough to choose which girl or object you want when you have a ton of them -different strapons (in underwear bikini holders) for the girls to wear like they have "rods" with different shapes, sizes, length, different colors, nuff said -anime costumes, cosplay outfits Thats my input. Thanks